With BioTech® Mill 10 technology, organic waste is transformed into a new growth medium on-site, serving individuals, businesses, and practitioners where waste materials are generated.

The machine crushes, grinds, and mixes the organic waste, while simultaneously dispensing the necessary amount of ProBIO Tech® microbial blend. If needed, controlled dispensing systems can add biochar, peat, renewable moss, and other various organic materials like clippings, branches, mulch, gravel, etc.

The ProBIO Tech® microbial blend significantly accelerates the composting of biomass, reduces surface tension in irrigation water, and helps plants efficiently utilize the nutrients, fertilizers, and absorption water within the treated growth medium.

All ProBIO Tech® microbial blends are 100% organic products with scientifically proven positive effects on plant growth and animal well-being.

The BioTech® Mill Method – Optimal Circular Economy

Both ProBIO Tech® products and BioTech® Mill represent a widely patented method, enabling various organic wastes to be reintegrated into the natural cycle. As the organic waste and other additives pass through the system, they are initially crushed using an efficient dual-axis crushing unit. During the crushing phase, selected additives are introduced. The waste mass then moves onto a conveyor belt, where it is dosed with the ProBIO Tech® microbial blend containing growth-promoting and beneficial microbes.

If necessary, additional substances like biochar, clean peat, renewable moss, or other organic materials can be added to the biomass using a controlled system. Processed biomass is transported directly to trailers, loaders, large bags, or can be piled up while waiting for its final placement. The end result is the ProBIO Tech® Super Growth Medium, which is extremely nutrient-rich and free from plant diseases after piling.

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Ekological and Economical Solution

  • Organic waste processing takes place on the customer’s premises
  • Organic waste can be reused as a growth medium
  • Hollows and clippings from golf and football fields can be utilized for soil improvement
  • Growth media in market gardens and greenhouses can be restructured for reuse
  • Animal bedding and manure can be utilized as a growth medium

The BioTech® Mill technology is easily scalable to meet the customer’s needs. The scale can be freely chosen.

Customers have the possibility of obtaining financing for BioTech® Mill technology, provided they meet the eligibility criteria.


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