This product contains various naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms. The key components are potent EM micro-organisms, which create a balanced, healthy, and sustainable environment. The product comprises aerobic and anaerobic microbes that work not only in parallel but also synergistically together. This ensures the product’s effectiveness even in oxygen-deprived conditions.

ProBIO Tech® Compost Super+ accelerates the decomposition and maturation of organic waste materials (such as food and other bio-waste, household waste, branches, leaves, feces, etc.). Simultaneously, it significantly reduces the unpleasant odors associated with waste. The waste material transferred to compost heaps, composters, or growing mediums continues its decomposition process, enhancing composting. ProBIO Tech® Compost Super+ contains anaerobic microbes, making it suitable for use in oxygen-deprived or low-oxygen environments, such as outdoor toilets, manure pits, and sludge basins, etc.

Unbiased analyses conducted by Viljavuuspalvelu Oy confirm that the product has a significant impact on soil nutrient levels.


ProBIO Tech® contains naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms, such as photosynthetic bacteria and various yeasts (including Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus plantarum, Rhodopseudanomas palustris, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, etc.). UV-purified water is used in the manufacturing process.


Compost heaps, composters, outdoor toilets, sludge basins, etc. It is also suitable for use in bio-waste containers.

Product Sheet (pdf)


ProBIO Tech® is a concentrate and should be diluted with water at a ratio of 1:20 to 1:50 before use. The solution is applied to the compost heap or composter once a week or whenever the temperature of the compost mass drops significantly. In outdoor toilets, the product is sprayed onto the waste after each use. In bio-waste containers, the product is applied to the bottom of an empty container and during daily use.

  • Manufactured through a sterile fermentation process from microbial blends, sugarcane molasses, and UV-purified water
  • Available in packaging sizes: 10 and 20-liter canisters, 200-liter drums, and 1000-liter IBC containers
  • Store, transport, and keep in a cool place protected from sunlight
  • The pH of the ready-to-use solution is approximately 3.8, with a specific gravity of 1.01
  • Shelf life in closed and airtight packaging is approximately 24 months from the date of packaging, stored in a cool place protected from sunlight, at room temperature or cooler
  • The pre-diluted solution remains active for about 2 days (48 hours), after which its effectiveness begins to diminish. Inactive solution can be used in compost or on garden beds

The product is 100% organic. No chemicals or genetically modified ingredients have been used. The product is approved for registration under Evira’s fertilizer preparation law 539/2006. Identifier EVT18-0018117 on March 27, 2018.