ProBIO Tech® GreenDrive contains various naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms. The cornerstone of the product is the potent EM microorganisms, which create a balanced, healthy, and sustainable environment. The product includes both aerobic and anaerobic microbes that function – not only alongside each other, but also synergistically together. This ensures that the product operates effectively even in oxygen-deprived conditions.

”We have used ProBIO Tech® GreenDrive in composting clippings and hollows waste, and found that it works well. In the summer, we spread this composted and highly nutritious soil on the field – Ilkka Kaivosoja / Tapiola Golf”.

ProBIO Tech® Green Drive is a next-generation product. Regular and long-term use of the product ensures high-quality and durable turf on greens and fairways. The product does not contain pesticides/fungicides, polymers, or any other chemical compounds. Its regular use prevents the formation of dry patches and minimizes damage caused by various molds and spores.

The product has a property that reduces water surface tension, which helps water to be absorbed quickly and efficiently into the plant’s root zone, keeping the growth medium moist (humid) and vital for a long time. A humid growth medium is a prerequisite for plant well-being, as it allows plants to efficiently utilize the nutrients in the growth medium, reducing the need for fertilizers. The product is 100% organic.

Unbiased analyses conducted by Viljavuuspalvelu Oy confirm that the product has a significant impact on soil nutrient levels.

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ProBIO Tech®

Green Drive



300 l 0,5 – 1,0 l 1 ha
1000 l 1,5 – 3,0 l 3 ha

In a study conducted by the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Turku, it was found that ProBIO Tech™ microbial mixture reduces and inhibits the growth of Pythium sp. type fungi.

  • The product is manufactured through a sterile fermentation process involving microbial blends, sugar cane molasses, special water, and natural distillates.
  • Available in 10 and 20-liter canisters, 200-liter drums, and 1000-liter IBC containers.
  • Storage, transportation, and preservation should be in a cool, sun-protected environment
  • Shelf life in a sealed and airtight package is approximately 24 months from the packaging date, when stored in a cool, sun-protected place, at room temperature or cooler
  • The pre-diluted solution remains active for about 2 days (48 hours), after which its effectiveness starts to diminish. The solution that has lost its effectiveness can be used in compost or on plant beds

ProBIO Tech® Green Drive is a 100% organic product, free from genetically modified microorganisms and chemicals.

EVIRA: 539/2006 AS.REG.NO T-00026060 organic fertilizer.