For Professionals: ProBIO Tech® Growth Power

This product has been developed in collaboration with greenhouse growers. ProBIO Tech® Growth Power rapidly and effectively breaks down biomass and utilizes it as nutrients. This includes compost waste, residual roots from commercial plantings, other green waste, branch and stem waste, harvest residues, and more.

The product significantly reduces surface tension of irrigation water, allowing for quick and efficient absorption into various soil types, keeping the soil porous, healthy, and oxygenated. ProBIO Tech® Growth Power helps plants effectively utilize absorption water and nutrients in the growing medium.

Research from the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Turku found that ProBIO Tech® Microbial Blend reduces and inhibits the growth of fungi of the Pythium sp. type and also prevents the development of Fusarium.

  • Beneficial microbes outcompete harmful ones – providing more oxygen and nutrients to the growing medium, which are then transferred to the plant and ultimately the fruit
  • High-quality, nutrient-rich growing medium – healthy roots and plants – accelerate growth and increase production, yielding more cost-effectively
  • The quality, taste, and texture of fruits like cucumbers and tomatoes are improved
  • The interval for changing the growing medium (peat) can be significantly extended – less labor and plastic waste
  • Reduction in labor costs – production efficiency and business profitability improve
  • Enhances and accelerates composting
  • Fewer plant diseases, weeds, and odors

ProBIO Tech® products contain naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms, including photosynthetic bacteria and various yeasts (such as Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus plantarum, Rhodopseudanomas palustris, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, etc.).

Product sheet (pdf)

ProBIO Tech® Growth Power is diluted with water at a ratio of 1:30 to 1:70 before use. Apply the product with a watering can, as a drip into the growing medium from a tank, or by misting onto the leaves using a pressure sprayer. The product can also be added directly to an irrigation system, with regular dosage during use ranging from 1:200 to 1:500.

  • Manufactured through a sterile fermentation process from microbial blends, sugarcane molasses, and UV-purified water
  • Available in packaging sizes: 10 and 20-liter canisters, 200-liter drums, and 1000-liter IBC containers
  • Store, transport, and keep in a cool place protected from sunlight
  • The pH of the ready-to-use solution is approximately 3.8, with a specific gravity of 1.01
  • Shelf life in closed and airtight packaging is approximately 24 months from the date of packaging, stored in a cool place protected from sunlight, at room temperature or cooler
  • The pre-diluted solution remains active for about 2 days (48 hours), after which its effectiveness begins to diminish. Inactive solution can be used in compost or on garden beds

The product is 100% organic. No chemicals or genetically modified ingredients have been used.

The product is approved for registration under Evira’s fertilizer preparation law 539/2006. Identifier EVT18-0018117 on March 27, 2018.